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Assertive bitterness merges with bright citrus and melon notes, while its medium to full body and moderate carbonation bring to life a unique beer.

“GO WEST,” crafted by our mad laboratory, is our BEER OF THE WEEK. It’s a standout WEST COAST IPA.

The hop palette of “GO WEST” takes this beer to the next level!

* Mandarina Bavaria: This German hop adds a bright and refreshing citrus touch. Its aromatic profile evokes the freshness of tangerine.

* Cryo Simcoe: Utilizing cryogenic technology, Simcoe in Cryo form adds complexity to the beer. Expect intense pine and citrus notes, elevating bitterness assertively.

* Ekuanot: Originating from the United States, Ekuanot hop adds a distinctive melon touch and pleasant creaminess to the beer. Its presence enriches the blend with a refreshing and delightful note.

In GO WEST, the diversity of these hops converges! 🌿🍊🍈

Find it for a limited time at @olgodcraftbeer and @kaelderkoldbarcelona

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