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The BEER FLIGHT experience allows you to sample multiple beers in smaller portions. How does it work?

  • Beer Selection: Choose from a variety of available beers. At Kaelderkold, for example, you could have options like "Wilderness" Sour Farmhouse, "Voilá" French Niepa, "Wild Power" from Ebeltoft, among others.

  • Presentation: Beers are served in smaller glasses, about 25 centiliters, and placed on a special holder with multiple compartments. Each compartment houses a different beer.

  • Variety: A typical Beer Flight includes a selection of 5 beers, allowing you to try a wide range of styles and flavors in one session.

  • Tasting: Enjoy each beer with small sips. This lets you experience the nuances of taste and aroma in each beer.

  • Exploration: By trying different styles in small quantities, you can explore and discover your favorites without committing to a full pint of each.

  • Attractive Price: Generally, the Beer Flight offers good value, allowing you to try several beers for a more affordable price than buying them individually. Ours... For €15. In summary, the Beer Flight is an exciting and accessible way to explore the diversity of beer, ideal for those looking to expand their beer horizons.

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